Barcode Labeling & Initialization Service

We can produce any label for any tape your customer may need! Our turn-key barcode printing & application service is available in both of our warehouses. This means a fast turn-around on your order!

In-house tape initialization services are available for our 3592 and T10000 enterprise tape customers.

NEW!!! You can now easily add barcode labels to your orders when you checkout on our website! Just press the "Add Labels" button on the shopping cart page.

Accutech is authorized to initialize M8 format on IBM LTO-7 Tapes!
M8 formatted tapes will increase the capacity of LTO-7 tapes from 6TB to 9TB when using LTO-8 tape drives.


We start with new, quality media!

Accutech has direct relationships with top storage media brands. Superior product selection, inventory, and in-house labeling & design services make us a natural fit for your business.

Attention to detail

Our knowledgeable sales reps have handled tens of thousands of label jobs over the last two decades. Over the years we’ve created a knowledge base and work flow that is efficient and accurate.

We make it so easy.

We keep your label order history so you don’t have to. Give us your end user information or a PO# and let us do some quick research to find your job. Our label techs can easily continue on with the next set of labels in the series.

It’s your choice!

We are proud to offer two industry leading label platforms; Tri-Optic and Netc. Our labels are approved for use in all popular tape libraries. We guarantee our labels will work in your library. In the unlikely event that your customer has trouble with one of our tapes or labels, we will work directly with our vendors to solve the problem!

We’re fast, super fast.

We have built out labeling centers in both our west coast and east coast warehouses. There is simply no one that can touch us in terms of customer support or fast turn around on label orders. Many label orders ship on the same day they are placed!